The gear stick is a metal lever that attaches to the gearbox in a manual vehicle. It is usually located between the front passenger and driver seat and is on the left hand side of the driver in a UK standard vehicle and is used by the driver to change gears whilst driving. Some vehicles, particularly those in the United States, have gear sticks that are attached to the steering column. 

To operate the gear stick, the driver should depress the clutch pedal. This disengages the engine and enables the vehicle to change gears. 

On top of the gear stick is a gear knob, which has a diagram of the positions of the gears on the top of it for the driver’s convenience. For the driver to change gears he/she has to move the gear stick in the relevant directions shown by the diagram. They will feel the gear engaging when the gear stick pushes in to place.

Some 4 x 4s use a second gear stick which engages another gearbox for off-road terrain.

Problems with the gear stick may result in an inability to change gears.