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The ashtray is a compartment which can be used as an ashtray or a place to place loose change, keys and other small objects in the front cabin of the car.

The ashtray compartment is usually positioned in the centre column, directly below the centre dashboard, often just in front of the gearstick.  This is sometimes the space allocated to cellphone holders, USB ports and auxiliary power points in car's without a designated space for an ashtray. Some cars also have ashtrays fitted into the door panels in the rear of the car, in the centre console in the rear of the car, or ashtrays that are moulded to fit into the cup holder space, for example. Usually the ashtray will have a lid or cover of some sort to help keep the extinguished cigarettes and cigarette smell inside the ashtray. The ashtray will usually have a removable tray that enables it to be emptied and cleaned. Some ashtrays are designed to be fitted into the centre column on the dashboard panel, hidden out of view when closed, and can be accessed by pulling the lid forward and the ashtray, usually with a hinged mechanism, opens outwards. This type of ashtray normally consists of a sturdy metal casing that slots into a specific space on the dashboard and is screwed into place, with an inner removable tray. Some ashtrays are completely separate modules and can be mounted to the dashboard and removed with ease in a matter of seconds. There are a range of ashtray features, such as a built in light, smokeless ashtrays and ashtrays with a remote control opening mechanism. The design, shape, material, finish, opening mechanism, features, colour, location and fitting of the ashtray will all be specific to the make and model of your vehicle.

Having a fully functioning car ash tray, if you smoke in your car, can help to provide a cleaner environment, making it a more pleasant space to be. Fitting a ashtray can help to contain the ash, smoke and cigarette butts and can help to avoid stains on upholstery. If you need to replace the ashtray in your car because it's old or parts are broken and it's not functioning properly, buying a ashtray will guarantee you get a part that's completely compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.