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We spend a great deal of time in the car. Indeed, some of us, whose jobs involve a substantial amount of travelling, will spend several years behind the wheel by the time we reach retirement age! For that reason, we should consider investing in some of the interior accessories that are available to make our time in the car more comfortable. Below, we list just ten of the many accessories that are on the market to make our time behind the wheel more of a pleasure than a pain.

Lumbar Support Cushion

Many of us suffer from back pain and this can be exacerbated by spending time in the car. There is a wide range of lumbar supports which, when fitted to a car seat, minimise the incidence of back pain and make the drive more pleasurable for the driver. This useful interior accessory is also available for the passenger seats.

Heated Seat Cushion

Another interior accessory to help to make the journey more comfortable right from the start is a heated seat cushion. With a built-in thermostat to prevent over-heating, the heated seat cushion makes it a pleasure to get into the car on even the coldest of winter mornings.

Heated Steering Wheel Cover

There is nothing worse, on a chilly winter’s morning, than having to clutch a frozen steering wheel. Heated steering wheel covers are designed to combat this problem. They are easy to fit over the steering wheel as and when they are needed and can be safely packed away when the warmer weather arrives.

Parking Sensor

To prevent damage to the car, other vehicles and the walls of the garage, a parking sensor warns the driver when to slow down and when to stop when parking the car. A parking sensor is an interior accessory that will take the strain out of parking.

Bluetooth Car Location System

To avoid having to search for the car in a crowded car park, a Bluetooth car location system marks the location of the vehicle when it is parked. The location of the car can be found immediately, using a simple application on a mobile phone.

Automatic Heater and Defroster

On those mornings when you cannot wait for the car to heat up and defrost the windscreen, an automatic heater and defroster is the ideal solution. It can be plugged into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter and directed towards the windscreen or the driver and the passengers in the vehicle’s interior to provide the required heat.

Visor Extender

The sun in the early morning and late evening is often too low for the standard interior sun visor. A visor extender provides additional dimensions to a car’s standard visor to avoid the driving problems that can be raised by a low sun.

Solar Fan

When you park your vehicle on a hot, sunny day, the interior is likely to be almost unbearably warm when you return to it. A battery operated solar fan can keep the inside of the vehicle cool whilst you are away by constantly converting the warm air into colder air until your return.

Retractable Windscreen Sun Shade

To prevent the glare of the sun from making the car feel like a furnace and from damaging the fabric in its interior, a retractable windscreen shade provides ideal protection, allowing you to leave your car in the sunshine for as long as you need to.

Passenger Window Sun Shade

Riding in a car when the sun is shining through the passenger windows can be an uncomfortable experience for passengers, especially children. Pull-up sun shades can be easily attached, through suction cups, to the passenger windows to combat this problem.


The above does not constitute an exhaustive list of the interior motor accessories that are available to make the motoring experience more pleasurable for drivers and passengers but it certainly gives an idea of some of the ways that this can be achieved!

Replacement Interior Parts

3rd Row Centre Seat Belt
3rd Row Seat Belt
Arm Rest
Body Control Unit
Carpet Boot
Carpet Complete
CD Changer
CD Face Off Panel
CD Head Unit
CD Multi Player
CD Player
Centre Console
Centre Console Box
Centre Console Net
Centre Console Surround/Cup Holder
Centre Dash Lid Panel
Centre Dash Speaker
Centre Window Switches
Cigarette Lighter
Climate Control LCD Display
Climate Control Module
Clock Analogue
Clock Digital LCD
Cloth Interior Full
Coin Tray
Cruise Control Actuator
Cruise Control Electrics
Cruise Control Switch
Cruise Control Unit
Cup Holder
Dash Cover
Dash Cover LHD
Dash Lid Panel
Dash Light Panel
Dash Rubber
Dash Trim
Dashboard Bare
Dashboard Complete
Dashboard LHD
Dashboard Speakers
Demister Switch
Digital Heater Control Panel & Stereo
Dog Guard
Door Card
Door Card Full Set
Door Handle - Interior
Door Panel/Card
Door Speaker Tweeter
Door Speaker Tweeter Complete Set
Door Speakers
Door Speakers Complete Set
Door Window Relay
Driver Side Glove Box
ESP Switch
Extra Rear View Mirror
Fascia Panel Around Heater Controls
First Aid Panel Cover
Floor Mats
Gearstick Surround
Glove Box
Glove Box Lid Door
Glove Box Light Assembly
Grab Handle
Heater & Clock Surround
Heater Surround Trim
IMA sensor
In Cab Fridge
Instrument Cluster Dashboard Clocks
Instrument Panel
Interior Air Vent
Interior Full Suade
Interior Heater Control Switch
Interior Light Panel
Interior Roll Bar
Interior Roof Grab Handle
Interior Tailgate Panel
Leather Interior Full
Leather Interior Half
Luggage Load Cover
Manual Handbook
Mirror - Rear View
Mirror Rear View
Mirror Rear View Auto Dim
Parcel Back Shelf
Parcel Shelf
Parcel Shelf Speakers
Parcel Shelf Straps
Pedal Covers
Plastic Boot Tray
Plastic Panel Between Doors
Plastic Trim Front Panel
Radio Cassette Player
Rear View Mirror
Remote Alarm Fob
Rev Counter
Reverse Light Switch
Rotational Sensor
Rubber Mats
Sat Nav Screen
Sat Nav System
Seats & Door Cards
Set Of Seats
Shelf Speakers Rear
Speaker Cover
Speed Sensor
Speedo Cable
Speedo Clocks
Speedo Clocks & Rev Counter
Speedo Cowling
Speedo Electric
Speedo Head
Speedo Sensor
Speedo Transducer
Sport Pedal Set
Stereo Face Plate Cover
Sun Visor
Time Clock
Time Clock, Temp & Fuel Gauges
Tray Above Stereo
Trim Across Dash
Trim Around Stereo & Heater
Trim Around Vents
Trip Computer
Vacuum Gauge
Water Temperature Meter
Window Winder Mechanism

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