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The headlining is material which can be fixed to the roof of the car to line the roof, creating a uniform and sleek interior look while also functioning to reduce the ambient sound experienced by the people travelling in the car.

Headlining material is generally made out of cloth, leather or suede, with a foam lining which is stuck to the interior roof of the vehicle. Headlining is often chosen to match the rest of the car's interior, such as the door panels and other trim; side-lining; areas of the dashboard; parcel shelf and arms rests, for example.

An integral part of a car's soft furnishings, headlining is often chosen by car owners as a feature to replace when customising and doing up a vehicle. headlining provides a soft, smart look and feel to the interior of a car, adding to the overall comfort and experience of driving.

Over time the headlining can come unstuck and come away from the lining. This can be caused by heat and humidity. Sagging or draping headlining will need to be replaced. Not only does it look messy, it can cause an obstruction to the driver if it’s falling away from its fixture. Replacing the headlining on your car can be an easy process when you buy headlining because you will get a product that's designed to fit the make and model of your car perfectly.