A speaker tweeter is an invaluable aid to enhancing the output of a car audio system. There are various types of speaker tweeter, which vary in their effectiveness according to the materials from which they are made and their cost.

Tweeters, including the door tweeter, are commonly located in the speakers at the front of the car.

The most common of these is the cone tweeter. The reason for the popularity of this type of tweeter is its cost. The costs of producing these tweeters in a factory installation and the low cost of the material, which is usually paper, account for the frequency with which they appear in many models of vehicle. However, they are considered to be the least effective in terms of sound distribution, especially as they age.

Slightly more effective than the cone tweeter is the dome tweeter. Because of the wider angles of a dome in comparison to a cone, sound distribution is enhanced. A downside is that dome tweeters use more power.

There are certain tweeters that are less commonly found. These include pivoting tweeters, ring radiator tweeters and inverted dome tweeters. All of these are more expensive than cone or dome versions but produce improved audio quality.