The CD changer is a useful device enabling  multiple CD's to be stored and played interchangeably in the car, while driving or stationary.

CD changers usually consist of a box that stores the multiple CD's which is usually positioned in the boot of the vehicle or sometimes under a seat (hidden out of sight for security as well as space reasons) and a display unit that's positioned on the dashboard with the car stereo head unit, which enables you to control the CD changer with ease. The box containing the CD's is wired up to the display unit and also to the car stereo via the antenna, which is all connected to the car's battery, which is what powers the CD changer.

Most car CD players will have the option to put one CD into the player and then a variety of playabilty options are available. Usually CD players have basic features, such as the  open and close mechanism; play, stop, skip forward and skip back  controls;  volume control;  a display  providing  information on the song  title and artist;  and song selection. Some models will include options such as a remote control;  repeat track/CD; skip prevention; bass and sound amplification/boost; and bass and  treble equalisers. Some CD players will play rewritable CD's as well as the usual non-rewritable  CD's. The useful feature on the CD changer is the capability to store multiple CD's at a time and change the CD's automatically. A CD changer usually has lots of playability options. For example, the user can select which song they wish to listen to from a selection of CD's stored in the box; or set the CD changer to shuffle mode, to play random tracks from a whole album or several albums; or set it to play the CD's in the box one after the other, as well as the usual features/controls such as track select. The CD's are usually held within the box in a carousel, revolving tray or cartridge depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

If  the  CD changer in your car has seen better days, is faulty due to electrical component or mechanism failure, or malfunctioning in some other way, it's important when replacing it to choose one  that's a good quality product that's compatible with the make and model of your  vehicle.  The replacement CD changer should fit your car precisely. Buying a CD changer will ensure you get a quality product that's designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle.