Most modern motor vehicles have sophisticated audio systems with high quality sound reproduction. This is not always the case with older vehicles, which operate through older speaker systems. These systems are not capable of producing sounds that are clear at each spectrum of the scale. This means that high frequency and low frequency sounds are less audible than they should be.

In the case of high pitch sounds, this issue is eradicated through the employment of tweeters. To enhance the quality of low frequency sounds a woofer or a subwoofer is used. A subwoofer is a loudspeaker unit that is able to produce very low frequency sounds. Unlike the woofer, the subwoofer covers only a limited frequency range. A subwoofer is capable of transmitting these extremely low frequency sounds without causing any marked deterioration in the volume or quality of the sound.

Many high end vehicle audio system speakers will have an in built woofer or subwoofer. It is possible to buy an after manufacture subwoofer to attach to an existing speaker or speakers to create a more balanced, higher quality in-car audio experience.

Subwoofers can be accessed from most motor accessory and audio dealers and can be easily fitted to the vehicle’s audio system by an auto electrician.