rubber mats are put in the vehicle to protect the carpet in the interior of the car. Rubber mats come in a variety of shapes, designs and finishes and are usually made to be vehicle specific.

Carpets are usually fitted by car owners to create a stylish and comfortable feel to the interior of the car and also help to both insulate and soundproof the vehicle. To prevent muddy, wet feet from staining and damaging the carpets, rubber mats are placed in strategic spots, such as on the floor, directly in front of the seats in the front and rear of the car. As well as protecting the carpet from stains and water damage  rubber mats help to stop the carpet wearing down and therefore help to prolong the life of the carpet.

Rubber mats are strong and durable and easy to clean. Naturally rubber provides a good grip, helping to secure the passenger's feet while sitting down. Some rubber mats are finished with a variety of treads which adds further security to footing and creates a stylish design. The rubber mats also help to provide a firm base to tread on when getting in and out of the vehicle. Rubber mats can be removed from the car with ease when they need to be cleaned. Regular cleaning is recommended to prolong the life of this product. Often rubber mats are finished with a decorative strip around the border, made of material such as carpet or felt.

Rubber will deteriorate with age and perish over time, made worse from environmental damage which causes it to split, shrink, crack and dry up. Buying new rubber mats for your car can instantly smarten up the interior of your car. Worn or damaged rubber mats won't look good or function properly, allowing water and mud to get onto the carpet beneath which could cause permanent staining and damage. When the rubber mats in your vehicle need replacing, buying rubber mats will guarantee you get a product that will fit the interior of your car perfectly, designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle.