The manual handbook is an essential reference guide that will help the car owner to get the most out of their vehicle and assist with the general maintenance of the car as well as providing advice and instruction when a part in the vehicle malfunctions.

All new cars are supplied with a manual handbook. A handy place to keep the manual handbook is in the glove box.

The manual handbook will give instruction, information and advice on all of the controls in the car, including where they are located and how to operate them. It will also provide guidance on car maintenance; what is needed to be done and how frequently you and/or your mechanic should carry out the maintenance. The handbook will also provide information on oil and fuel stipulations and other technical specifications relating to light bulbs, for example, and other components. A manual handbook will also often contain a troubleshooting section, with advice and possible solutions when something goes wrong or stops working properly. Car safety warnings will also be included in the manual handbook which will help the car owner to adhere to safety regulations and ensure that the vehicle is legal and roadworthy. Information on audio systems and satellite navigation systems, when applicable, will also be included. The car manual handbook can also contain warranty information.

Usual reasons for replacement of the manual handbook is that it's been lost or damaged. You may have bought a second hand vehicle with the manual handbook missing. The manual handbook is a vital reference point and well worth replacing, to ensure you can look after your car properly and keep it on the road in perfect condition.