A vehicle’s speedometer is the instrument that demonstrates the speed at which the vehicle is being driven. As such it is a vital vehicle part. Within a vehicle’s speedo system there are various components that work together to translate the velocity at which the wheels are rotating to an analogue or digital display that shows the wheel rotations as a speed reading.

The front of the speedo dial is what displays the speed but much of the work is carried on behind the back of what is known as the speedo head. The speedo head is the component that provides the final connection to the speedo display. If the vehicle’s speedometer system fails to operate it is possible that this is because of a problem with the speedo head. It may be caused by faulty wiring connection or the speedo head itself may be in need of replacement.

Fortunately, all major motor component stockists are able to supply replacement speedo heads which are suitable for al makes and models of vehicle. As it is illegal to drive without a working speedometer, as well as potentially hazardous, any fault that arises in the working of the speedo head should be resolved as soon as it is detected.