The IMA sensor is part of the Honda IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) system in Honda’s hybrid vehicles. The role of the IMA sensor is to manage how much O2 is in the vehicle’s exhaust when the vehicle is in operation and there is usually one sensor per pair of cylinders on a vehicle. The IMA sensor is located just after the exhaust manifold so it is able to get readings from both cylinders of the exhaust.

The IMA system is an AC motor-generator and is positioned between the ICE and the CVT and fitted in a housing. The IMA motor provides power assist to the vehicle and also works as the alternator and starter motor. It adds horsepower to the ICE and aids fuel conservation. IMA can also enable the vehicle to shut off its engine when the vehicle stops.

The IMA sensor can stop working if it encounters too much sulphur for prolonged periods. Problems with the IMA sensor will give you an error message on your vehicle dashboard. It will also cause your vehicle’s ECU to run in an open loop, not referring to the sensor for data.