carpet complete is perfect for car owners who want to customise and bring a new lease of life to the interior of their car. Starting at the front of the car, beneath the pedals, the carpet complete will cover all of the areas specific to your particular car, right through to the boot in the rear. 

Carpet, a textile product, designed to cover floors, can be either cut pile (the most sumptuous) or loop pile (durable but not as plush) and is lined with either plastic backing or something called mass back. Mass back backing produces a softer, thicker carpet. It’s made of a foam type rubber which helps to both insulate and soundproof the vehicle, ultimately assisting with the car’s fuel efficiency. By insulating and helping to keep the heat inside the vehicle, the heating systems use less energy to maintain the temperature inside the car, which puts less demand on the car’s energy consumption overall, which helps to increase the car’s fuel efficiency. In addition to this, and the reason most car owners choose this product; the interior of your vehicle will be smart and tidy with a clean, soft, comfortable feel when kitted out with the carpet complete.

Designed to fit exactly the make and model of your vehicle, the carpet complete is the perfect tailor made package to kit out all the carpeted areas of your car, molded to fit perfectly the interior shape of your vehicle, covering all the bumps, corners and contours with a smart, luxurious and uniform finish. This kit will come with all of the separate pieces of carpet you’ll need to cover all of the areas in the front and back of the vehicle. Preformed into all the various shapes and moulds, the carpet complete is easy to fit and the design and finish is unique to the make and model of your vehicle.

The life of the carpet in your car can be increased with proper cleaning and careful maintenance and care. You will, however, eventually need to replace the carpet as it will start to look old over time and can get damaged, stained, dirty, and mouldy. When it’s time to smarten up the interior of your car and replace the carpet, choosing carpet complete will ensure you get a product that’s made for the make and model of your car and will fit perfectly.