A BVA hydraulic unit can be used in various applications. It consists of a hydraulic pump and a motor and has a reservoir that contains hydraulic fluid. It has a gas pump which can provide up to 700 BAR hydraulic force and is mobile for easy use. The BVA hydraulic unit can be supplied with either a petrol or diesel industrial engine.

The BVA hydraulic unit can be used to power vehicle lifts in a motor repair environment, and is encased in a protective roll cage for use in all manner of environments.

Damage to the BVA hydraulic unit can be caused by bearing damage or excessive heat in the unit. If a BVA hydraulic unit is damaged, you will most likely see oil leaking from a seal or other part of the pump. This could be caused by a lack of flexibility in the seal. Over time, the internal wear that a BVA hydraulic unit experiences will lead to a loss of performance. It’s therefore recommended that the unit is given a service and any damaged or worn parts are repaired quickly to prolong unit life.