What miscellaneous items are there/what do they do?

There are many miscellaneous parts and accessories available for cars today. Many are invaluable when servicing or repairing a car while others are useful in day to day driving including travelling abroad. Some items are compulsory under EU law when travelling overseas such as spare bulb kit, first aid kit, warning triangle and headlight deflectors.

Useful tools when maintaining your own car include tool kits, service interval reset tool, diagnostics tools, code readers and pumps including BVA Hydraulic Units and bleed kits.

Useful literature and books for cars include Haynes Manuals, owner’s manual wallet and handbook, service record and workshop manuals.

Other useful spares and replacement parts for a car include manufacturers original complete tool kit, washer bottles, washer jets, seals, washers, nuts, bolts, split pins and circlips.

Optional accessories for vehicles include storage covers, luggage covers and nets, tow ropes, luggage straps, towing boards, tow bars, bike racks, winches and chains (including snow chains).