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The owner’s manual wallet handbook contains important information about your vehicle and should be kept in a safe place. When you purchase a vehicle you are given various documents such as the owner’s manual, the log book and any service history. The registered keeper of the vehicle should complete the log book and send to the DVLA. 

The owner’s manual wallet handbook provides a full history of your vehicle’s ownership and service and repairs. It is stored in a leather or plastic wallet to keep all of the documents safe. 

Some people choose to keep these documents at home and some people prefer to put the owner’s manual wallet handbook in the glove compartment of their vehicle. The owner’s manual contains the vehicle specifications and details and special features that the vehicle may have such as heated seats or tinted windows. It also provides details of how to operate the vehicular controls and any product and part numbers for replacement parts.

Lastly, the owner’s manual wallet handbook also contains details of when minor and major services will be required on the vehicle, as well as detailing the various on-board safety features.