The Haynes manuals are instructional manuals that describe the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles in a clear and concise way. Each manual is dedicated to a particular vehicle make, model and age range. The first vehicle-related Haynes manual under the Haynes Publishing brand was produced in 1965 and focused on the Austin Healey Sprite. Each Haynes manual follows a distinct iconic style with a brightly coloured front cover with a black and white diagram of a partially dissected vehicle on the front.

Whilst motor vehicles are what the Haynes manuals are most well-known for, they have in recent years branched out in to other more unusual topics including the tongue-in-cheek Haynes manual of sex, Haynes manual of personal computers and the Haynes manual of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

The Haynes manuals work on a strip it down and rebuild it approach and provide step-by-step instructions on every aspect of vehicle repairs and maintenance from disconnecting the battery or passing your MOT to replacing brake pads, all with fantastic colour photos to show you exactly what you’re looking for. They are a must have for fully qualified mechanics and enthusiasts alike.