A vehicle luggage cover hides the contents of a vehicle’s boot to keep them private and secure. There are two common types of luggage covers. The first is a fixed shelf made of strong plastic and covered with fabric. This luggage cover sits in a groove in the vehicle’s chassis at the top of the boot behind the passenger’s seat. It forms a shelf which obscures items from view and passengers can use this for extra storage. When the boot is lifted the luggage cover lifts with it so items can be retrieved.

The other type of luggage cover, which is becoming the more popular choice in modern vehicles, is positioned in the same place behind the passenger seats. This is a top-loaded fabric blind which is attached to a plastic housing. The blind is retractable and slides in to a slot which has been cut out on either side of the boot’s chassis to hold it in place. These blinds have a handle in the middle to make covering and uncovering the boot simple, and it is possible to easily retract the blind with one hand to retrieve items from the boot.