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A rain sensor has the capability to detect when it's raining and automatically close the windows and sunroof and activate the windscreen wipers on the car. 

The rain sensor is a clever device fitted to the front windscreen of the car. The sensor automatically switches on the windscreen wipers when it detects rain and can be set to automatically adjust the speed of the wipers to suit the amount of rain fall. It can also automatically close any windows that are open in the car and shut the sunroof. The exact features of the rain sensor will depend on the car manufacturers specifications. Buying a rain sensor will ensure you get a part that is perfectly compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.

Most rain sensors work by sending out a beam of infrared light onto the windscreen, at an angle from inside the car . The rain sensor then measures the amount of light reflected back to it from the windscreen. Wet glass emits less light back to the sensor which causes it to recognise that it's raining and the parts connected to the rain sensor, such as the windscreen wipers, will activate, and the windows and sun roof will automatically close.

If the rain sensor stops working there could be a number of reasons. Issues will arise if there is a faulty connection to the rain sensor and a worn or faulty diffuser inside the sensor will cause it to malfunction. Replacing the rain sensor in your car with the rain sensor is a wise choice. You can be sure to get a part that's designed specifically for the make and model of your vehicle, which means it will perform well and fit perfectly.