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History of Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is a four-door subcompact car that has been in production since 2001. So far there have been three generations, giving buyers a choice of hatchback and estate bodies. Known for its spacious interior, superb build quality and overall practical design, the Honda Jazz is a popular car that has won multiple awards, such as Japan''s Car of the Year Award in 2001 and 2007. Top Gear named it ''Best Small Car'' in 2006. The Honda Jazz has won many awards over the years, including Consumer Reports'' Best Overall Value Award in 2010, 2011 and 2012. It''s a well-known car, loved by its owners for its reliability and efficiency. Warranty Direct ranked the Jazz first in its Top 100 UK Cars list, giving it a reliability score of six. This is based on various factors, including the number of times a car fails, the cost of repair and the amount of time spent off road due to repairs.

First generation Honda Jazz (2001 to 2008)

The Honda Jazz was a success right from the off, debuting in Japan under the ''Honda Fit'' name tag in 2001. Winning Japan''s Car of the Year Award that same year, the Jazz outsold the Toyota Corolla and ranked first in sales for nine out of 12 months in 2002. It was introduced in Europe in early 2002, where it also saw an enthusiastic reception. The Mk1 offered buyers a choice of 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5 litre petrol engines.

Second generation Honda Jazz (2007 to 2014)

The Mk2 Honda Jazz debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007. Offering a longer wheelbase than the previous generation, the Mk2''s design was both longer and wider. The overall height was unchanged, but the interior height was increased by 0.3 inches. The cabin featured greater interior volume although boot capacity decreased from 21.3 cubic feet to 20.6 cubic feet. 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5 litre petrol engines were available.

Third generation Honda Jazz (2013 to present)

The third generation Honda Jazz uses a new platform, with 27% of its body being made from ultra high strength 780 MPa yield steel. The body panels are both welded and bolted to the frame in a hybrid monocoque and space frame fusion to save weight and maximise rigidity. The rear torsion beam suspension no longer uses an anti-sway bar, helping to maximise interior and cargo space. A range of 1.3 and 1.5 litre engines are available.