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History Of Hyundai Coupe

The Hyundai Coupe has been in production since 2002. Featuring a sleek, stylish two door design, the Hyundai Coupe is an affordable option for those looking for something stylish and efficient. It''s known for its reliability, giving owners a comfortable driving experience with low emissions and a selection of powerful engines to choose from. Numerous high spec features come as standard with the Coupe, offering good value for money. Not many people were familiar with the Coupe''s predecessor, the Hyundai Tiburon. However, the Coupe itself was very well received, offering buyers great value for money. It was the perfect choice for those looking for something stylish without excessive expense. According to Warranty Direct, the Hyundai Coupe is the most reliable coupe out of a total listed 15 vehicles. This is based on various factors, such as the number of times a car fails, the cost of repairing it and the average amount of time it spends off road due to repairs.

Hyundai Coupe (2002 to 2008)

Hyundai''s previous model, the Tiburon, was discontinued after 2001. The Coupe then launched in 2002 offering a revised design. It had new styling, larger dimensions and an optional V6 engine, with engine sizes ranging between 1.6 litres and 2.7 litres. It was well received, with buyers taking to the stylish design, low running costs and good standard equipment. Owners also appreciated the spacious boot.

Equipment offered with the Coupe includes anti lock brakes, Electronic Stability Control (ESP), traction control, air conditioning, heated front seats and various other features.

Hyundai gave the Coupe a facelift in 2005, making minor tweaks to the ''GK'' model. This new improved Coupe incorporated reworked, sleeker blackened headlights. It also featured redesigned rear tail lights and a more aggressive front air dam. It offered a different range of alloy wheel design and colour stitching on leather seats.

The Coupe got a second facelift in 2007, featuring thinner and aggressively angled headlights. The new tail lights were made similar to the RD12 and GK1, but were somewhat smaller.