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History of Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra is a supermini car that offers diversity and efficiency. Having been in production for more than 30 years, it''s become a well known model across the UK. The Micra was first introduced as a replacement for the Nissan Cherry. From 1992 to 2010, over 2 million Nissan Micras were built at the NMUK plant in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. The Micra has held a firm place in many British motorists'' hearts and even the first K10 models can still be seen on our roads. Being as popular as it is, it''s no wonder demand for Nissan Micra car parts is high. The Nissan Micra has gained great credibility over the years, known for its reliability and economy. According to Warranty Direct, the Micra is actually the 36th most reliable car out of the top 100 reliable cars in the UK. There are four generations of Micra, each of which offers a number of body types ranging from family saloon cars to panel vans. Nissan has experimented with a variety of engines with the Micra, from 0.9 litres to 1.6 litre turbo I4 systems.

First Generation Nissan Micra K10 (1982 - 1992)

Production of the first generation Nissan Micra began in 1982, before entering the European market in 1983. It was one of several major small cars to be launched that year, competing with the likes of the Fiat Uno, Peugeot 205, Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Nova.

The first Micra was available as a three or five-door hatchback, or a three-door panel van with engines ranging from 0.9 to 1.2 litres. The model was revised in 1985 but the most noticeable change was the slightly larger rear lamp clusters. The Micra began to grow in popularity, reaching more than 50,000 sales for the year in 1989. The vehicle saw two facelifts that same year, the first upgrading the exterior, launching a body coloured front grill and enhanced equipment levels. The second introduced a sporty Super S model, which had a factory bodykit, racing seats and a tachometer. This had the same MA12 engine as the standard Micra.

Second Generation Nissan Micra K11 (1992 - 2003)

The second generation Micra was built and launched in Japan in early 1992. It was then released in Europe later that year, offering drivers a variety of different body types. The Micra K11 offered more options than the K10, with a three or five-door hatchback, two-door cabriolet, four-door saloon and a five-door estate, with engines from 1.0 litres to 1.5 litres.

The Micra won the European Car of the Year award in 1993, before having a facelift five years later which saw the introduction of a whole new range of power steering technology.

Third Generation Nissan Micra K12 (2002 - 2010)

The Nissan Micra K12 was unveiled at the 2002 Paris Motor Show. Nissan changed the design of the Micra dramatically, with a new 80 millimetre longer wheelbase. The shape is curvier, taller and wider than the K10 and K11, with the most distinctive feature being the pair of prominent headlamps that extended to the tops of the wings. Various other new features were introduced with the K12, like a sliding rear seat and the option of keyless ignition on higher specification models. Overall the Micra was very well received by the motor industry, setting new standards for the supermini class with engine sizes ranging from 1.0 litres to 1.5 litres.

Fourth Generation Nissan Micra K13 (2010 - Present)

Unveiled at the 80th International Geneva Motor Show, the Nissan Micra is based on the innovative Type-V platform with a new 1.2 litre three cylinder engine. In 2011, Nissan introduced a supercharged version of the 1.2 engine, delivering a more fuel efficient drive. In the UK, the latest Nissan Micra is marketed as a city car with a class-leading turning circle and a choice of several equipment levels.