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History of Renault Clio

The Renault Clio is a supermini produced by French automobile manufacturer Renault. Since its launch in 1990 the Clio has achieved substantial critical and commercial success, consistently being named as one of Europe''s top-selling cars. It is largely credited with boosting Renault''s reputation and stature in the motoring world. The Clio, along with the Volkswagen Golf, is one of only two cars to have been voted European Car of the Year twice, in 1991 and 2006. Now in its fourth generation the Renault Clio has continued to go from strength to strength, becoming one of Europe''s best selling cars and the first Renault to be consistently among the top 10 bestsellers in the UK.

First Generation Clio (1990-1998)

The Clio was seen as a replacement for the aging Renault 5 Mk2, although the Clio''s suspension and floorpan was largely the same as the 5 when it was introduced in 1990 at the Paris Motor Show. Sales began in Britain in 1991, with a minor trim facelift occurring after just one year on sale. After the small updates that came with the Phase 2, the Phase 3 Clios had a slightly more noticeable transformation. The Phase 3 had a curvier look with more rounded headlights, incorporating the turn signal in a single unit with the headlight.

Clio Williams (1993)

In 1993 Renault launched the Clio Williams as a limited edition series. After the first series, due to demand, Renault built the Williams 2 and Williams 3. Renault Sport, Renault''s motorsport division, was responsible for the modifications to the Clio 16S on which it was based. The Renault Clio Williams was and still is a very popular rally car.

Second Generation Clio (1998-Present)

The second generation of the Clio was launched in May 1998, with a much more rounded and bulbous look than its predecessor. In 2000 a few minor changes were made to the vehicles, including changed specification levels and a passenger airbag fitted as standard. In the same year, Clio achieved a four-star Euro NCAP rating, which put it ''best in class'' at the time. The Clio II was marketed as the Clio Campus from 2006 with a restyled rear. It''s still available in some parts of the world.

Third Generation Clio (2005-2014)

At the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show the third generation Clio was unveiled, bringing the trademark "Renault Card" keyless immobiliser to the Clio for the first time. The new Clio achieved a 5-star EuroNCAP safety rating and was voted European Car of the Year in 2006. In 2009 a facelift version went on sale in the UK featuring better quality materials, accompanying the new Clio GT.

Fourth Generation Clio (2012-Present)

The Clio IV was introduced at the 2012 Paris Motor Show with a sizeable difference from previous generations - a new larger stature. The wheelbase had been extended to fit better with that of a compact car, with the length and width also increased. The Clio IV used a wealth of new technology such as hands-free, rear camera connectivity with more than 50 applications and a six-speed double clutch automatic gearbox.


With the first generation Clio the engine range available at launch included 1.2l and 1.4l E-type "Energy" petrol inline-four engines (first seen in the R19) and 1.7l and 1.9l diesel (both based on the F-type unit) engines. The Williams had a powerful 2.0l 16-valve straight-4 engine rated at 147 PS (108 kW) with a top speed of 215 km/h (134 mph), enhancing the drive and handling.

Early 2000 saw the second gen Clio launched with a sportive 16V version equipped with a new 1.6l 16-valve engine. Eventually, all the older petrol engines were upgraded to more powerful and more economical 16-valve versions. The most recent fourth generation featured two petrol engines: a 1.2l 16 valve straight-4 engine, with a maximum power output of 75 hp (56 kW), and a turbocharged 0.9l 12 valve straight-3 engine, developing 90 hp (67 kW), which can have a CO2 emission level of 99 g/km.

Notable issues

Renault Clios were featured in BBC TV show Watchdog after over 1,000 incidents involving Clio IIs in which the bonnet opened without warning while the car was in motion. The catch not being cleaned and lubricated properly during servicing was found to be the cause. Renault investigated with the help of the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) but found no issue with the bonnet catch, so did not issue a recall.