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10 Things You Need to Know About Your Heating System

Along with your cooling system, your car’s heating system works hard to bring balance to your vehicle. However, as a new driver, you may not know exactly what it does, nor what you need to do when problems arise. Here are 10 essential facts we think all drivers should be aware of when it comes to keeping their car heating in check.

Your Heating is Easy to Control
Your air conditioning system works alongside your heating to make sure you get access to extra warmth when you need it. You can increase the level of heat in your interior car with a few touches of the right control. You can also change how fast your heat fan operates.

Your Heating and AC Work Well Together
While you may think that your AC and heating systems are at complete odds, they work together to help bring a base temperature to your car. This means your airflow can be easily regulated.


It’s Mainly Controlled Via DashboardThanks to modern car dashboards, you can now mainly control your heating right from the main hub itself. This means you can easily control the whole of your car’s airflow with the touch of a few buttons. Heating Problems Should Be Fixed Right Away
While it may seem that car heating system issues are not essential, you need to consider the comfort of your passengers. A heating defect you pick up on in summer may only be getting worse by winter, and that’s when you’re going to need your heating to work to its fullest.


Top Up on CoolantDespite the name, a common heating system problem revolves around your coolant. If you don't have enough in your engine, you’re not going to have enough to power the heater. Always Check the Thermostat
It may be tempting to believe the thermostat isn’t always firing on all cylinders, but we feel you should always keep it in check. A broken thermostat, or one left to deteriorate, simply won’t allow your car to warm up properly. Is Anything Leaking?
One of the most common causes of heating problems in cars relates to leakage from radiators, pumps and more besides. Believe it or not, your heating system is going to be affected just as much as your fuel and brake systems. Is Air Flowing Properly?

If you're noticing problems with the way air is flowing through your vehicle, you may be experiencing a blocked duct or vent. Some internal systems may also be disconnected or not communicating properly.

Water Pooling Problems

You may be noticing water starting to pool in the footwells of your car. If this is the case, your heater pipework may need closer inspection.

Know Your ComponentsThere are scores of different parts and pieces which make up a working heating system! You’re going to need to familiarise yourself with your fan, your motor, heater resistors, valves, switches, hoses, matrices and direction controls. They all have a part to play! 
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