Tuesday 16th April 2013
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The Ford Cougar is a large coupé produced by Ford between 1998 and 2002. If you would like to read the full review then click here. These cars were known for their reliability and good handling, but like all motor vehicles they had their commonly associated problems. Below is a list of these problems and the solutions to go with them.

Ford Cougar problems and solutions

Rear brake noise If you have a really high pitched noise coming from the rear brakes especially in wet conditions and when hardly any pressure need to be applied, then you will need to have this fixed. The only way to resolve this is to fit the revised brake pads to stop the noise. Remember to fit both sides at the same time. Problems opening boot You may come across a problem with opening the boot with the remote. The first step to remember, is that you must press the button twice within 3 seconds to open the boot. If this is not the issue, then you have a problem with the boot release actuator. You can try adjusting this part, but if this doesn't work you need to buy a new actuator. Problems with lights The 1999-2000 2.5L Ford Cougar is known to have issues with the lights, both interior and exterior. This problem is due to high resistance on the wiring from the B+ terminal on the alternator to the central junction box. To solve this issue you must fit a new wire which will reduce the resistance and fix the problem. Coolant warning light problem The 2000 2.5L Cougar is known to have the coolant warning light on when there is plenty of coolant in the system and the engine temperature is fine. This is due to a faulty coolant level switch, which you will have to replace in order to resolve this issue. Water leaking into footwell On the automatic versions of Cougars built between 1999 and 2000 there has been known issues with water seeping into the footwell when it has been raining heavily. This is due to there not being sufficient sealing around the PCM connector, allowing water to seep into the footwell. If you seal this up properly, the issue should be sorted. Interior light problem Any Cougar built up to 1999 could have problems with the interior lights staying on even when the doors are closed. This is caused by a faulty contact switch in the lock striker on the door pillar. This will also mean the anti-theft system won't work as it still thinks the door is open. Fitting a revised lock striker will solve this issue.

Can't find your problem?

If you can't find the exact problem you have with your Ford Cougar it doesn't mean its not a common problem. These problems are only a handful of the problems associated with the Cougar, so tell us about your problem in the comments box below and also the solution if you know it. The parts you need to fix your problem can be found at amazingly low prices here at Breakeryard. Click here to find these parts.