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Nissan has revealed that their two sports cars, the Nissan iDX and Bladeglider are in the early stages of development. Despite them being in the early stages of development, Nissan say that they still need to produce a business case for each car. Both these cars differ from the standard looking sports cars of this generation and will offer something different to the market. The iDX is aimed at younger drivers who want a sports car driving experience but coupled to low running costs. It will also appeal to anyone who is looking for something that is a bit different. This car was first unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and is a very stylish looking car which also has great performance but with affordable running costs. Andy Palmer the Nissan boss had this to say regarding the iDX "It must offer raw, simple rear-wheel-drive fun, yet be cheap to buy, insure and repair. That package is hard to define, especially around the powertrain, and that's where we're working now." Watch the video below for a better look at the Nissan iDX sports car: The Bladeglider is an altogether different experience as this is an electrical powered sports car but with a very unique looking design. The Bladeglider is inspired by the Deltawing racer and Palmer said that this is at the opposite end of the sports car scale compared with the iDX. He says it is a "guilt-free, edgy, quick and sophisticated” car and "The way they handle almost defies physics, they are sensational. As it stands I expect it to do the job, but it still needs to demonstrate its fiscal viability." To date there has been two Bladeglider prototypes developed at the Nissan Arizona Test Facility. The video below will show you the Nissan Bladeglider sports car:

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