Place on the front face of an automobile, just above the bumper or bumper, the grille is a passive cooling system. Composed of a grid that passes the outside air, it is the external part of the radiator. Supported by fans, it prevents the engine from overheating.

Nevertheless, the role of the calender is less important today because the cooling is mainly provided by other elements. It can therefore be absent or have a reduced size to a minimum. But its decorative character makes that most of the time it is still preserved on the front of a vehicle.

It is often above the grille, or even in the center, that we find the logo of the car brand. This is why his drawing is very important because it determines the identity of a model. For example, a large, wide grille will indicate that the car is sturdy and reckless. A very fine grille, on the contrary, can mean elegance or glamour. Some manufacturers have even made it their trademark: BMW, for example, is known for its two rounded grilles.