The exhaust system has the important job of removing the toxic exhaust fumes produced by the engine from the car.  It also functions to enhance engine performance, minimise noise  produced when driving while improving fuel efficiency.  The exhaust middle box is a crucial part of the exhaust system, and its job is to silence the sound produced in the  combustion chamber as well as helping to emit the toxic exhaust fumes produced away from the car and the people travelling in the car. 

The exhaust middle box is a metal box, fixed to the exhaust pipe of the exhaust system, containing a setup of tubes and baffles which stops the sound produced in the engine from spreading.

As the sound  travels through the exhaust middle box it becomes quieter, reducing the loud sound caused by internal combustion.  The toxic exhaust fumes travel through the exhaust middle box before passing into the exhaust pipe through which the fumes travel to reach the tail pipe where they finally leave the vehicle.

The exhaust middle box will eventually need replacing simply due to wear and tear and old age.  The usual major issue with any exhaust system is problems caused by rust.  Internal components are subject to moisture created by the process of combustion and rainwater can cause corrosion to the exhaust system. The exhaust box is no exception to this. Rust can cause cracks and holes in the exhaust box and eventually it will stop functioning properly. When replacing the middle exhaust box, to ensure compatiblity, fit a good quality     exhaust middle box which is specifically designed for the make and model of your car .