wheel arch moulding is a protective or decorative strip attached to the outer edge of the wheel arch, shaped to cover or line the wheel arch. Wheel arch moulding often meets the bumper moulding, and door moulding, giving the look of a continuous strip, providing a sleek look to the exterior of the car. Wheel arch moulding is often chosen by car owners to enhance the car's appearance and styling. It offers additional protection from minor damage such as scrapes and dings and also adds detail or accents to the car's styling.

Wheel arch moulding is usually made of plastic and can be attached with clips or adhesive pads.

The wheel arch moulding offers protection from day to day wear and tear and offers some protection to the paintwork and the wheel arch itself, helping to protect it from weather damage.

 The wheel arch moulding could become damaged due to wear and tear, sun damage or minor accidents. If the wheel arch moulding needs replacing, buying a wing moulding passengers will ensure you get a part that is right for the make, model and year of your car.