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Van and Car Part Search Tips for

At, we’re here to help you find the right vehicle part at the right price. Here are a few useful tips on how to use our site to find the part you need. (Don’t be put off by the essay below; just head to the bits you need.)

From major van and car parts to car accessories (such as in-car entertainment and satellite navigation), from a vehicle’s headlights to its rear lights, we’ve got a bucket load of information you can dip into as well as a quick and simple way to get quotes from trusted van and car breaker’s yards, specialist breakers and other specialists.

Find a part with the PartFinder

This is the simplest way to find a van or car part through our site. Just enter your vehicle details (and some other information) and our network of UK van and car breaker’s yards should be in touch with quotes if they have the part you need. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

  1. Put your registration number into PartFinder.
    PartFinder will automatically find your van/car details. Don’t know your registration number or don’t have a UK reg? Input your van/car details manually here.
  2. Enter your other details.
    Van/car part details
    Search for van or car parts using the Find Your Part box that comes up. Start typing the name of the vehicle part and choose the closest match from the drop-down list of parts which the Find Your Part box will automatically show.
    Enter the part number or a more detailed description of the van/car part you need in the notes box below. Even if you chose the exact part you need from the parts list, telling us more is important as it helps our sellers to pin down your part. 

    Personal information
    Now that we know about your vehicle and part, you’ll need to give some personal information. This includes your email address (this is how you’ll get the van and car part quotes), your mobile number (this is because it can be tricky to identify exact parts and sellers may need to contact you for more information) and your address (this lets sellers include delivery charges in the quotes). Don’t worry; we won’t spam you using any of this information.
  3. Compare quotes, buy the part and have it delivered
    Now that you’ve sent off your van/car part quote request, our network of trusted van and car breaker’s yards will send you quotes, if they have what you need. Quotes will come in over the next 48 hours (unless it’s a weekend, in which case they’ll start to come in when the sellers are back at work).

    You’ll get quotes by email but you can also log in to your account to view them all. Choose the best deal for you and pay. The vehicle part will then be delivered and you can breathe easy again. But before you buy anything, make sure you’ve read our guide to buying van/car parts safely.

Find a part by position on vehicle with the Van and Car Parts Directory

Go to our van and car parts directory if you are not sure exactly which van/car parts you need but do know where they might be found on a van or car. On the main page you’ll see different van/car parts. If you click on these parts, they’ll take you to pages that explain what these parts of the vehicle do, how they work and what can go wrong with them. This should help you figure out and confirm what might be wrong with your van or car and which parts might need replacing (although we would also recommend contacting a local mechanic if you are unsure!).

Once you’ve pinpointed the parts you need, you can go through our PartFinder to get quotes on new and used parts.

Find a part by location

Use our UK van and car breaker’s yard directory to find your local van and car breaker’s yards. Once on the page, either enter your postcode or choose your location from the list. Once you’ve done that, you can narrow the search further by choosing a more specific location. Then you’ll see a list of the van and car breaker’s yards we know of in that area. You’ll notice that some of them are approved (on our system and verified by us) and some aren’t. Use their contact details to get in touch about buying the van or car parts you need.

Find a part by make and model of vehicle

Head to our make & model page to explore the van or car parts you need by make and model of vehicle. Select the make of the parts you are looking for from the list. Here you’ll find some information on the make of van/car and be able to choose the right model. This will take you to a page where you can sneak a peek at common problems for that make and model and our suggested solutions (find this in the sidebar!). You can also select a part to carry on. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find information about the part and on what to do if it stops working. This is a great way of finding out about the van or car part you might need and pinning down what the problem could be.

Find a part with our van/car engines and gearboxes search

Depending on which parts you’re looking for, go either to our van and car engines page or van and car gearboxes page. These will take you to a page either about engines or gearboxes (surprise, surprise!). Here you’ll be able to view a list of engine/gearbox parts and also click through to information on different makes and models of engines and gearboxes. Know what you need? Enter some vehicle details and other info into our PartFinder to request quotes from trusted van and car breaker’s yards around the country.

Find new van and car parts

If you are looking for new parts at great prices rather than used and reconditioned parts, you can still use our nifty PartFinder. Just state clearly that you want new parts in the notes box. This will let our trusted van and car breaker’s yards and specialist suppliers know what you’re after.