Used and Reconditioned Fiat Engines

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Cheap Fiat engines to buy online

Since we started back in 2003, we have worked hard to gain a huge following of loyal customers, who have all been saving money thanks to our swift and reliable service. Why give up on a perfectly good car, when all you need to do is replace the engine with a second hand one? Thanks to, your car no longer has to be relegated to the depths of a local scrapyard never to be seen again, nor do you need to fork out for a brand new engine. We have helped many happy customers find, order and take delivery of their affordable Fiat engine within a matter of days.

Breakers with engines ready to dispatch

We work with many breakers who are ready and waiting to dispatch Fiat engines. Whether you’re after a full complete engine, which comes complete with the turbo, fuel pump and fuel injectors, or a bare engine for your Fiat, we’ll have a breaker on hand ready to help.

Choose from new, used and reconditioned Fiat engines. You can anticipate a warranty of between 30 and 365 days on your Fiat engine, so be sure to check the details with the seller.

Fiat gearboxes also available

We can also help you with locating a good quality used gearbox. Choose from fully guaranteed gearboxes in manual, automatic or tiptronic.

Although Fiat vehicles are generally reliable, there may unfortunately be a time in its lifespan where the engine will fail you. Thanks to, this can be done without breaking the bank. When a car is scrapped, it is sent to salvage yards where the breakers take it apart, keeping any working parts, including engines. There are many reasons why cars end up at scrap yards including insurance write offs and police impounds. Sourcing used car parts from breaker yards gives you access to low cost parts that will help get your car back on the road with as little hassle as possible. works with sellers across the UK, making it easier for you to find the Fiat engine you’re after at a competitive price.

Our network of independent breakers acts as a hub for anyone in the market for used car parts. If you’re looking to buy a Fiat engine, all you need to do is click on the Find a Part button. Sit back and relax while we get back to you with quotes and buy it now products from sellers throughout the UK. There’s no need to call up, or drive to and from each of your local breakers. Let us do the work.

Once you’ve chosen the breaker you want to buy from, you can have the engine delivered straight to your door or to your chosen garage. Also, if you need any help finding the right part, feel free to use the ‘message seller’ function to talk to breakers directly. They’re very knowledgeable about cars and car parts so are best placed to offer some useful assistance.

Wide range of Fiat engines

Having been established for over 100 years, Fiat has had plenty of time to work and develop engines. Many different engines have been produced to be suitable for the various types of vehicles that have rolled off the production line over the years. The most popular include the SxU, SxW, JTD, FIRE and e.torQ engines. Nowadays Fiat has been creating innovative engines that are more environmentally friendly with lower emissions and improved fuel economy. According to Warranty Direct, Fiat engines are the 12th most reliable in the industry. Engine failures are dreaded by motorists because of the high cost of parts. If the time comes for your Fiat’s engine to be replaced you can save some money with We can help you locate and order the engine you’re after in no time, saving you time and money.