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Save Money on Mercedes-Benz Spares

Here at you can source Mercedes Benz car parts from our great network of Mercedes Benz breakers here in the UK. Just simply enter your registration number and details of the part you are looking for and we’ll search our network of Breakers to find the best prices and availability of the parts you are looking for. It’s a great way to search for and buy guaranteed Mercedes Benz used parts.

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About Mercedes Benz spares

Check out our common problems pages if you need some hints and tips on things to look out for when diagnosing problems with your Mercedes Benz. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Mercedes Benz parts are always best, reconditioned and guaranteed by our UK network of breaker yards. Just enter your registration and details of the part you are looking for and we’ll deliver to your inbox quotes from reputable breakers around the UK that are part of our network. Once you have the quotes you can ring individual breakers to discuss the origin of the part quoted to make sure it is perfect for your car. We know how much you value and love your Mercedes Benz, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to any one of our Breakers and ensure you are getting the very best part at the right price.

Used Mercedes Benz parts

If your Mercedes Benz is more than 30 years old then it is likely that the parts will no longer be manufactured. We’ll work with our network of breaker yards across the UK to find the right part, but please do remember that classic car parts can take a little longer to source but we’ll stick with you throughout the search. For a helping hand to find a particularly rare Mercedes Benz car part, please just give us a ring at the parts helpline. We’d love to help you out.

Mercedes Benz engines and gearboxes

Find Mercedes Benz engines and Mercedes Benz gearboxes now with It’s fast and simple taking the hassle out of searching for the car parts you need. Just start by entering your vehicle details at the top of this page. 

Our Mercedes Benz part delivery information and times

For a speedy Mercedes Benz car part delivery our Mercedes Benz suppliers will aim to deliver next day. Please be aware larger or heavier Mercedes Benz parts may take longer. All the Mercedes Benz parts are 100% guaranteed by our network of UK breaker yards from 3 month guarantees to 2 years depending on the part and condition.

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History of Mercedes-benz cars

Mercedes Benz is an iconic brand, first appearing in 1926 with the merger of two of the world’s oldest automotive manufacturers DMG and Benz & Cie. Today approximately two million cars roll off the production lines at our Mercedes-Benz factories every year. Renowned for luxury and elegance its appeal never fades. If you lucky enough to own a Mercedes-Benz SL, the epitome of a sports car legend, or a Mercedes-Benz E Class, the world’s most intelligent business saloon, it will be a treasure you are unlikely to want to part with, so let’s work together to keep your masterpiece on the road!