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As you set off on your car journeys over the Christmas season, here are some suggestions to think about before you set off. Who knows, you may or may not encounter delays or road works, which could dampen your Christmas spirits, but these ideas may come to your rescue.

Have you thought about the items you might need for your car journey? Below is a check-list of items that can help you prepare you for your trip.

Winter emergency car kit list

1. Ice scraper and de-icer

They are simple, but necessary items, to clear the front and rear windscreen in the event of snow or ice. It’s also important that your visibility when driving is always clear, if it’s not then this could cause a safety issue, or even an accident.

Not only is having an iced over windscreen dangerous, but if you get caught driving with snow or ice blocking your visibility then you could get 3 points on your licence and a £100 fine.

2. Torch and spare batteries

Breaking down in the dark can be quite a scary thought for some of us. Which is why we’d always recommend keeping a torch and some spare batteries in your car, just in case. You could also look into a wind-up torch.

3. Portable power pack

This is useful to keep your phone charged. This is a must for the winter months. Not only is it a lifeline if you get stuck in the ice, snow or dark, but you can also use your phone as a torch should your actual torch not work.


4. Plan your route

Leave plenty of time for your journey. During this season, leave more time than you usually would, just in case, for any unknown eventualities. 

5. First aid kit

Add a first aid kit to your winter survival kit for your car, and make sure it has all the things you’d need to treat minor cuts, wounds and scrapes such as sterile wipes, plasters, dressings and scissors.

6. A fuel can

A fuel can is a must to add to your winter car accessories. A lot of vehicles often break down for running out of fuel, but if you have an empty fuel can then you’ll be able to sort the issue out for yourself.

7. Warm clothing or a blanket

If you are on your own or have passengers and are subject to a long wait, then these are essential to keep you warm and help you to manage your wait more comfortably.  Bring spares just in case.

8. Jump leads

There is nothing worse than finding your car has a flat battery, when you really need it. This can happen more in cold weather.  It is a good idea to have a spare set of leads in your car, just in case.  Also, why not keep your battery charged topped up with a charger when you are at home.

9. Hi-vis jacket / clothing

A must for the winter car kit. If you break down or need to change a tyre in the dark and cold, then a hi-vis jacket is a must. It will keep you seen and most importantly safe.

10. Water and snacks

Make sure you always have a few bottles of water and some long-lasting snacks in the boot of your car.


Warning triangles & Hi-vis jacket

Warm clothes and waterproofs

A flask of hot drink & snacks

Jump leads




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