Thursday 2nd January 2020
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Top Tips for Driving in 2020

Over this year, we’ve shared with you some fantastic tips on how to stay safe on the roads. As we head into 2020, we’re going to be sharing even more helpful advice with you. However, to cap off 2019, here’s a quick rundown of the best tips we’ve shared over the past 12 months, along with links to blog posts we’ve written.

Do You Know the Causes of Your Engine Problems?
Engines can break down for a variety of reasons. Is your starter motor up to scratch? What about your alternatorIn this guide, we took a look at all the things you need to know about your engine before you charge headfirst into fixing it up.

Tune-Up Your Acceleration
Your car could be losing acceleration power without you ever realising it. Are you aware of what some of the major causes of acceleration slowdown are? Take a look at our full list and make sure to act fast before it’s too late.

Check Over Your Cooling System
You might not think that your cooling system is that important – but it really is! Have you made sure your air con is working as hard as it should? What about your radiatorsOur full guide goes into more detail.

Understand and Appreciate Your Brakes
You probably won’t use them all the time, but your brakes are, of course, crucial to your car. Have you checked them out lately? Is your ABS doing what it should. Read up on what we have to say.

How Does Your Fuel System Work?
It’s all well and good to rely on your fuel system, but how many of us really know how it actually works? If we plan to fix anything that goes wrong in future, it pays to make sure we do our homework. Our complete guide will break all down the crucial points for you.

Is Your Car safe Enough?
It’s no longer just enough to lock up your car at night. Car thieves are getting smarter about how they break into our vehicles! Have you got a working alarm and central controls – what about smart dashboard features? There are perhaps more things you can do to secure your vehicle than you think. Check out our full list.

Keep Your Steering on Track
If your car veers to one side, or if you’re really struggling to drive in a straight line, it’s time to check your steering. It’s not always the wheel that’s at fault, though! Take a look at our full guide and we will break it all down for you.

Warm Up Your Car
When your car gets chilly, it can really start to bumble around on the roads. Look after your vehicle by making sure it’s warm and toasty with some top tips.

Keep Safe in Cold Weather
Beyond this, you should always make sure to keep safe while driving in cold weather. That includes keeping your fluids up, checking your tyres, and generally making sure your car is fit to take to the roads. Want to know more, we can help.

Here’s to another year of safe, enjoyable driving – and stick with us for more tips across 2020 and beyond!