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The spoiler bootlid tailgate is a streamlined panel, designed to assist with the aerodynamics of a vehicle. Commonly made of fibreglass or thermoplastic, The bootlid tailgate spoiler is fixed on the back of your car, directly on top of the boot.

Many car owners opt for the spoiler bootlid tailgate for style and design reasons but it was devised to improve the aerodynamics of a vehicle. Its streamlined shape and positioning on the back of the vehicle helps to reduce the drag of the air passing over the car when travelling, improving the lift balance between the front and rear of the car, bettering the stability and handling of the car at high speeds while improving fuel efficiency.

Although the bootlid tailgate spoiler is designed to be rigid, strong and durable, it's a part that can be subject to damage in rear-end collisions. In the course of a lifetime the bootlid tailgate spoiler may receive dents, scratches and marks and may need replacing due to corrosion and rust from exposure to the elements. Car body parts, such as bootlid tailgate spoilers, are not all compatible with all models so it's important to ensure you buy the right bootlid tailgate spoiler for the make, model and year of your car, ensuring that the colour will match the rest of the car bodywork.