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Most modern vehicle sunroofs are operated electrically, involving a cable that is driven by an electric motor which causes the window to slide open. There are various types of electric sunroof.

A spoiler is a type of electric sunroof that is particularly suited to vehicles with only a limited roof area. They tilt and slide open above the roof, offering only a relatively limited opening to the air compared to other types of sunroof.

Another type of electric sunroof, also referred to as a moonroof, involves a panel which slides below the roof into an interior cavity. This is an inbuilt sunroof, which is only suitable for larger cars, which typically is  made from glass with a sliding sunscreen attached.

In top-mount sliding sunroofs a large glass panel slides open along tracks on top of the roof, whilst panoramic sunroofs offer large openings above the front and rear seats using the same  mechanism as top-mount or spoiler sunroofs.

Electric sunroofs are either fitted to a vehicle on the assembly line or after construction by a specialist electric sunroof fitter and are operated by a simple electric switch located on the instrument panel of the vehicle or in close proximity to the sunroof itself.