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All motor vehicles must have license plates (except for public works vehicles). These plates must be approved. They must also be visibly attached to the vehicle. A 2-wheel or trailer needs only one plate at the rear, the other vehicles must have one at the front and one at the rear. Owner whose vehicle does not have a license plate may be sanctioned

The license plate must be made by a professional (car mechanic or manufacturer of plates for example) and must be posed in a visible and irremovable way.

It bears the number which is written on the registration card (or certificate of registration).

It must conform to a homologated model, and this registration number must be included in it.

It must respect the rules of sizes and arrangement of the elements constituting it (height and spacing of the letters and figures, form dashes in particular).

The number can be arranged on 1 or 2 lines.

The plate must remain in good condition and the number be legible. If not, the owner must have them redone and can be penalized if he does not do so.