Although the majority of sunroofs presently on the market are powered electrically, if you have an older sunroof you may have a manual version. Alternatively, if you have a car that does not have a sunroof you may choose to have one installed. To save money, a manual sunroof might be the economic choice.

There are three main types of manual sunroof:


As its name suggests, this type of manual sunroof tilts upwards when it is opened. Whilst this has the effect of allowing air into and out of the car, it does not allow a great deal of sunshine or sunlight to enter because of the limited size of the opening to the outside.


Once again, the clue is in the name. A sliding sunroof operates in the same way as an electric sliding sunroof. The only difference is that it is powered manually through the use of a rotating handle that is normally housed in a cavity adjacent to the sunroof.



A removable manual sunroof can be removed from the roof altogether. Easy to operate and offering a cheap alternative to an electric version, both in terms of up-front price and fitting costs, it is a popular type of manual sunroof.

Anyone thinking of installing a sunroof on a tight budget might well wish to consider one of the above types of manual sunroof.