Every motorist needs to know what to do in the event that their vehicle suffers a punctured tyre. The most important thing to be aware of is how to jack the vehicle up so that the defective tyre can be replaced with a working spare and this involves knowing where to find the car’s jacking points. On most vehicles, the jacking points will be located in proximity to the front and rear wheels on either side of the car.

In more modern vehicles, to protect the jacking point and also to preserve the appearance of the car, jacking point covers are fitted. Jacking point covers are generally made from plastic material and are designed to fit over the jacking point and remain firmly in place when the car is moving. They can be easily removed whenever the jacking point needs to be accessed to jack up the vehicle to change a tyre and are equally easily put back into place.

Jacking point covers are susceptible to damage but, fortunately, they are not particularly expensive vehicle components. If a vehicle’s jacking point covers are damaged it is also quite easy to find replacements, specific to the vehicle in question and no specialist fitting is required.