If you have a soft top car you will want to protect it from damage from the elements. In the winter, heavy rainfall, frost, ice and snow can damage a soft top roof whilst, in the summer, prolonged exposure to sunshine can cause the fabric of the roof to fade. If you live in close proximity to trees, the sap and moss can ruin the look of a soft top, as, of course, can the damage caused by birds.

One effective way of combating all of these problems and providing general protection to a soft top roof is through a soft top roof cover. This type of roof cover can be tailored to the particular model of vehicle and can either be a full cover, to protect the entire vehicle or a half-cover, which is designed to protect the soft top roof only.

One of the important features of a soft top roof cover is an ability to protect against UV rays. Many are made from fabric that is breathable yet water proof. They are easy to fit, especially those that are tailored to the specific model of soft top car. A soft top roof cover is an ideal way of providing protection to a soft top roof from a wide variety of circumstances.