Find Replacement Roof Soft Top Rails Parts

The retractable soft top roof consists of a variety of different components that work together to enable it to be raised and lowered, either manually or using the power from an electric or hydraulic motor. An important component in the structure of the soft top roof is the soft top roof rail.

Soft top roof rails provide the soft top with support and structure. When a vehicle does not have a hard roof there is a consequential reduction in its rigidity, which can have certain safety implications. Soft top roof rails have the effect of counteracting the implications of removing a vehicle’s roof. In certain models of vehicle, especially older ones, the soft top roof rails are referred to as cant rails.

If soft top roof rails are damaged they can be replaced. Most manufacturers of soft top parts and accessories sell single parts, although for some vehicle models it may be necessary to replace the entire soft top unit in the event that the soft top roof rails are damaged.

An essential component in the structure and operation of the retractable, soft top roof, soft top roof rails provide the required rigidity and stability to the soft top to enhance the safety of  the driver and passengers.