An important component in the structure of the soft top of a convertible car is the soft top frame. It is the frame that folds and unfolds to allow the soft top roof to be raised and lowered. There are various different parts of a soft top frame. The header bow is the component that is located at the front of the soft top assembly. Non-header bows, side rails and bow brackets all connect to play a part in the folding mechanism.

It is possible to buy these individual parts of the soft top frame or to buy the entire frame with the various parts connected to each other. Some soft top frame suppliers also supply the soft top cover in addition to the frame itself. Most soft top frames are specific to particularly vehicle makes and models, although there are certain retailers who will custom build a soft top frame according to specifications provided.

The soft top frame plays an invaluable role in the mechanism of the soft top vehicle. It provides a frame to bear the fabric of the  soft top and also provides the structural stability that the roof of a vehicle requires to ensure the safety and comfort of the driver and passengers.