One of the more popular accessories in many cars is the sunroof. A sunroof is a way of  allowing fresh air into the car without having to raise a soft top or hard top convertible roof.  It also has the advantage over a soft top of not reducing the rigidity and strength of the roof’s structure.

There are various types of sunroof, from a hinged roof which tilts upwards when a simple handle is turned allowing a limited amount of sunshine into the car to a more sophisticated versions which slide open electrically allowing much more air and sunlight into the car. In certain models both the tilt and slide mechanisms are present.

A further variation is the sunroof (pull across) sunscreen. This combines the sunroof with a sunscreen and has the advantage of preventing too much sunshine and heat from affecting the occupants of the car.

A sunroof (pull across) sunscreen can be fitted to the roof of most cars relatively easily and is a useful alternative for those who want to enjoy the feeling of fresh air and sunshine when they are in the car but do not want to go to the expense of investing in a convertible vehicle.