Although the vast majority of sunroofs presently on the retail market and appearing in recently constructed cars are made primarily from glass, in some older vehicles the construction of the sunroof involved steel. These complete steel sunroofs consist of a steel tray coupled with a piece of sliding steel that makes up the sunroof itself.

Complete steel sunroofs are normally operated manually, using a handle that rotates and which is usually conveniently located close to the sunroof itself.

If a fault arises in the operation of a complete steel sunroof it might be possible, in some makes and models of vehicles, to replace it with a glass sunroof. If a vehicle has a defective steel sunroof or the owner simply prefers the idea of having a glass version, it will only be possible to replace the steel one with a glass sunroof if a glass sunroof of the correct size has been manufactured and is available or if a local sunroof garage is capable of increasing the original opening to accommodate a larger glass sunroof.

If neither of these options is available and a replacement is required it should be possible to acquire one from one of the many sunroof parts and accessories retailers in the auto component marketplace.