Wednesday 2nd September 2020
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A car or vehicle’s bodywork is crucial to its protection and to keeping all its crucial parts and facets within! Bodywork applies to the outer shell of a car which, for example, will help to keep engines and chassis in place.
Your vehicle bodywork is made from a variety of material, such as aluminium, which is resistant against corrosion, and which is extremely lightweight. Some manufacturers prefer using steel to save money, or fibreglass. However, fibreglass can be expensive to repair. You may also find plastic used in some bodywork areas to create unique looks.
Bodywork damage can be very common. Rust and corrosion, for example, can occur in your wheel arches, and this is normally very easy to repair. This may need you to sand down the rust and to fill in holes.
Your bodywork can also receive damage from collisions. You may find that your bodywork can dent. While you can fix these at home, you should always consult a service centre or repair shop.

Replacement Bodywork Parts

A Post Hard Top Side Step   Arch Trim HardTop Side Window Moulding  B Post Hood & Frame Sill  Badge Hood Catch Slam Panel  Body Kit Full Complete Hood/Soft Top Sliding Door  Body Shell Inner Wing/Arch Liner Sliding Door Handle Exterior  Bonnet Hinge Jacking Point Covers Sliding Door Lock Mech  Bulkhead Landing Slam Body Soft Top Catch  Bulkhead with Glass Lower Grille Soft Top Frame  Bumper Lower Mesh Bulk Head Spoiler  Bumper Reinforcer Mud Flaps Guards Spoiler Bootlid Tailgate  Bumper Splitter Number Plate - Rear Chrome Surround Spoiler Splitter Bumper  Bumper Spoiler Number Plate Panel Step Rear  Chrome Around Rear Number Plate Panel Front Styling Kit  Cowl Top Panel Parking Sensor Sub Frame  Cowl Top Ventilator Louvre Parking Sensor Kit Sunroof (Pull Across) Sunscreen Crash Sensor Petrol Flap Sunroof Blind  Cross Member Petrol Flap Mechanism Sunroof Control Panel  Door Pillar Trim Moulding Sunroof Deflector  Door Card Trim Quarter Panel Sunroof Electric  Door Check Straps Rear Lip Spoiler Sunroof Electric Switch  Door Handle Rear Panel Sunroof Glass  Door Handle - Exterior Rear Van Door Handle Sunroof Manual  Door Handle Inside Rear Van Door Interior Handle Sunroof Middle  Door Hinges Rear Van Door Locking Mech Sunroof Motor  Door Mirror Cable Roof Hard Top Sunroof Steel Complete  Door Mirror Casing Cover Roof Lining Sunroof Tilt  Door Moulding Roof Moulding Tail Gate Struts  Door Moulding Exterior Roof Rack Tailgate Plastic Lock Catch Cover Door Rubber Seals Roof Rack Clip Tonneau Cover  Door Seal Kick Plate Roof Rails Bars Top Panel  Door Sensor Switch Roof Section Towbar  Door Side Sliding Roof Soft Top Towbar Cover  Door Trim Roof Soft Top Cover Towbar with Wiring  Euro & Spoiler Blades Roof Soft Top Motor Towing Eye  Front Grille Roof Soft Top Rails Trim  Front Panel Roof Spoilers Under-Bonnet Intercooler Pipes Front Torsion Bar Scuttle Panel Under-Bonnet Light  Fuel Cap Shark Fin Antenna Under-Seat Tray  Fuel Cap Lock Side Door Valance  Fuel Cap Lockable Side Load Door Van Door  Grille - Lower Centre Side Skirt Wing  Grille Front Side Skirts Wing Liner   Wing Moulding 

What is the Bonnet?

The vehicle’s bonnet is where you will normally find the engine, but this isn’t always the case. Your bonnet will normally be made from a mix of metals and opens outwards. It is normally aerodynamic and streamlined with your car. You can normally open it with a latch and hold it in place with a stay rod.
A bonnet can be easily customised with ornaments, and it is a crucial place where wiper and washer jets are stored. However, it is susceptible to scratching due to flying debris. It may also stick and struggle to open. In some cases, you may need to replace a bonnet altogether, as it is a very sensitive part.

Replacement Bonnet Parts:

 Bonnet  Bonnet Latch Mechanism  Bonnet Badge  Bonnet Pull Cable  Bonnet Cable & Mech  Bonnet Soundproofing  Bonnet Gas Struts  Bonnet Stay Rod  Bonnet Grille  Bonnet Struts/Rams - Pair  Bonnet Insulation 

What is the Boot?

 The boot of a car is normally found at the rear. This is where you will be able to store items and cargo. The way your boot opens, and where you will find it, can vary. It is traditionally watertight, with electric lighting to illuminate.
Boots, too, are susceptible to damage on the go. You may need to replace hinges, seals, cables and washers and wipers over time. Boots can also be at risk of breaking and entering. Once again, it is always worth approaching a repair shop if your boot is damaged or faulty.

Replacement Boot Parts

 Boot Carpet  Bootlid Tailgate  Boot Cover - Low Level  Bootlid Tailgate Badge  Boot Floor  Bootlid Tailgate Hatch Glass  Boot Foam  Bootlid Tailgate Hinge  Boot Light  Bootlid Tailgate Open Switch  Boot Lock & Keys  Bootlid Tailgate Reflective Panel  Boot Net  Bootlid Tailgate Release Cable  Boot Seatbelt  Bootlid Tailgate Struts  Boot Shelf  Cargo Net  Boot Side Panel  Tailgate  Boot Tailgate Carpet  Tailgate Button  Boot Tailgate Rubber Seal  Tailgate Glass  Bootlid  Tailgate Handle  Bootlid Button  Tailgate Hinges  Bootlid Handle  Tailgate Lock Mechanism  Bootlid Hinge  Tailgate Mechanism Plastic Surround  Bootlid Hinge Set  Tailgate Panel Trim  Bootlid Lock Mech  Tailgate Struts  Bootlid Struts