New and used Fiat Gearboxes

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Cheap Fiat gearboxes to buy online

Rated in the top 15 most reliable car manufactures in a study by Warranty Direct, Fiat has a relatively strong reputation when it comes to producing sturdy, long-lasting vehicles. However, there are many factors that can have a negative impact on the lifespan of a gearbox, such as bad maintenance or harsh driving, all of which can lead to a gearbox replacement becoming a harsh reality. If this becomes the case, can help. Thanks to our network of reputable Fiat suppliers throughout the UK we can help you make sure that your pride and joy is back on the road as soon as possible, without breaking the bank. Our hoards of satisfied customers are proof that our speedy, reliable service cannot be beaten when it comes to sourcing used Fiat gearboxes in the UK.

Wide range of Fiat gearboxes

With its prominence in the small car market, Fiat has excelled itself when it comes to gearboxes. The iconic Fiat 500 has a variety of options, including a five-speed manual transmission in the 1.3L MultiJet Diesel version and a choice of five-speed manual gearbox or Dualogic automatic system in the petrol versions. If you’re looking for pure driving pleasure then the six-speed gearbox in the 1.6L MultiJet 105hp Fiat 500L encourages excellent flexibility with top speeds of 112mph.

Breakers with gearboxes ready to dispatch

Gearbox replacements are a harsh reality for car owners. They can be particularly tough for owners of older cars, as the cost of repairs can sometimes exceed the value of the actual vehicle. This no longer has to be the case. Through you can source new, used and reconditioned Fiat gearboxes from a range of breakers throughout the country, in order to repair your car for a great price. Transmission boxes have often been reconditioned, meaning that any previous faulty parts have been replaced with new equivalents. Before dispatch transmissions are fully rebuilt and tested by breakers to ensure that high quality is maintained, meaning that you get a practically perfect Fiat gearbox for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

If you’re considering buying a gearbox from one of our network of reputable Fiat breakers, don’t forget to discuss whether the parts come with a guarantee. It is also a good idea to ask about the previous life of the box, such as mileage, to get an idea of the wear and tear it has experienced.

Our network of independent breakers

There are many reasons why cars end up at breaker yards, but the most important factor is what happens to them after they get there. Breakers are excellent at making sure that no parts go to waste, particularly the internal parts like gearboxes that are often in perfect working condition. This means that salvaged parts are saved from the scrapheap and reused in other vehicles, potentially saving car owners a lot of money. The ‘add a note’ and ‘message seller’ functions on our site means you can get help and advice directly from breakers, to help you through the decision making process.

Thanks to, saving money is now even easier. No longer do you have to drive around from scrap yard to scrap yard in the hunt for the exact Fiat gearbox you require. Now, you can simply click on our Find a Part button and either buy now through our website or wait for quotes from breakers around the UK to come pouring in. With the flexibility to enquire from the comfort of your own home, 24 hours a day, is putting the control back into the hands of car owners.